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常见问题 / FAQ More
  • 2015 - 04 - 02

    Fabric density

    The number of yarns in unit length can be divided into meridional density and zonal density. The national standard and the ministerial standard stipulate that both cotton and woollen fabrics are expressed in metric density. Metric density refers to the number of warp or weft roots in the width of 10 cm.

    Yarn density

    That is to say, the thickness of the yarn refers to the thickness of the yarn. The indexes used to indicate the fineness of the yarn include: the number of British branches, the number of metric branches, the number of special items, and the number of denier.

    A) British system support number (Ne) - the length of 1 pounds of yarn when the number of yarns is weighed at the rate of public return. The standard length depends on the variety of yarns, such as cotton and cotton blended yarn, 1 English, 560 yards of combed wool, 256 yards of coarse yarn for 1 English, and 300 yards for 1 British yarns. The representation of the number of British lines in the stock line is the same as that of the metric system. The British system is not used now, it is not the legal yarn fineness index of our country today, but it is still widely used in the enterprise, especially the cotton textile industry.

    B) metric count (Nm) - 1 grams of yarn is exactly 1 meters long and 1 (public) yarn, and it is used in the cotton textile and wool textile industry.

    C) tex (Tex) - the number of grams of the weight of 1000 meter long yarn is commonly used to indicate wool yarns at the fixed regain.

    D) fineness (D) - the weight of 9000 m yarn or fiber under common regain, which is commonly used to indicate chemical filament, silk and so on.

  • 2014 - 11 - 15

    First, the difference between the warp and weft of the fabric

    1. If the identified fabric is selvage, the direction of the parallel yarn is not the direction of the other side.

    2, sizing is the direction of warp, not sizing is the direction of weft.

    3, the main density of the general fabric is the direction of the smaller density side.

    4, the fabric with a reed mark is obvious, and the direction of the reed mark is meridional.

    5. For the half line fabric, the direction of the strands is usually zonal.

    6, if the yarn of single yarn is not identical, the twist of Z will be zonal to S.

    7, if the warp and weft yarn number, twist and twist are not great difference, the yarn evenness is uniform and the luster is better.

    8. If the twist of the yarn is not the same, the majority of the twist is the twist of the warp twist.

    9. The direction of yarn of towel fabric is woolen yarn.

    10, the stripes are usually in the meridional direction.

    11, if the fabric has a system of smart and unloaded, it will protect the hair.

    12. The direction of twisted yarn is lenth.

    In the interwoven fabric of different raw materials, the silk is the warp yarn interwoven fabric. Because of the use of fabric, many varieties also have a variety of requirements for fabric material and tissue.

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