• 1、Product overviewThe product not only takes advantage of Chu star's continuous innovation technology to lead the domestic market, but also the development advantage of our company's integration with the core of Chu star crepe de Chine product line. As a new type of double filament crepe elastic product, the product has a stable style and better quality.2、Product features(1)、The latitudinal elastic design satisfies the designer's full appeal for the cutting of elastic fabrics.(2)、The fabric is delicate and feels rich and full of cotton and linen fabric.(3)、The sense of draping is e...
  • Product overview:The product originated in 2013, twisting Matt elastic satin, and is the masterpiece of Chu Xing elastic satin series. The new high elastic silk instead of the traditional spandex material ensures a very good color fastness index. The combination of innovation and classics makes this product the most cost-effective representative of similar products.Product features:(1) the color fastness of the spandex is relatively difficult to control, but the new high elastic wire can ensure that the color fastness index is more stable, and can meet the high fastness of the demand for color...
  • Product overview:This product is an upgraded product of our company, and has new brilliance in elasticity and style. The concept of "comfortable elasticity", a new product concept, embodies the profound understanding of the current mainstream fashion trend of Chu star, and the interpretation of fashion meaning with professional and technical ability.Product features:(1) the excellent elasticity of the super high level is fully extended, breaking through the inherent fetters.(2)The elegant luster from the hollow ribbon, combining the high elastic properties of the raw material, forms ...
  • Product overview:This product is a natural material foundation cloth, is 60 cotton 90*88 pure cotton lining cloth, uses the entire processing and the long vehicle dyeing and finishing craft, blooms the graceful graceful beauty.Product features:(1)Combed natural fibers have excellent breathability and moisture absorption.(2) The whole process of dyeing and finishing will control the evenness and elegant luster of the fabric, and surpass the excellent texture of the conventional cotton cloth, which can match the cotton and linen fabric perfectly.(3)The feeling is light and smooth and no loss of ...
  • Product overview:The product is an innovative product in the industry. The perfect cotton effect follows the pace of fashion and creatively meets the needs of the customer. It is not only like cotton, but also the beauty of design. It is not only internal hyper cotton, but also the trend of popularity.Product features:(1)The fine cotton feel style is perfect match with cotton and linen fabric.(2) surpass the excellent physical and chemical properties of cotton products, and display them in various aspects such as color fastness, crease resistance and dimensional stability.(3)The performance of...
  • Six major specialties:(1)full and strong, with a heavy Pendant of heavy imitation silk; (2) with four sides, loose or tight design at random; (3) comfortable touch and wrinkle effect of the pearl luster of the noble quality; (4)with good wrinkle resistance and air permeability; (5)can withstand the machine dry cleaning or washing, and color fastness after washing and washing, and color fastness after washing and washing, and the color fastness and color fastness after washing and after washing, and the color fastness and color after washing and after washing. Bright color u...
Wujiang Jin Bo Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. Is a collection of product research and development, processing...
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