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China Light Textile City: summer cotton fabric orders are still active.

Date: 2018-05-31
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In recent years, China's light textile city has been increasing the number of sales of pure cotton layout in the summer, and the number of spot products has increased locally. Some of the unconventional cotton varieties are listed on the spot, and customers are welcome to buy small quantities and varieties. Local processing enterprises in the large-scale operation of the summer fabric order to undertake order to undertake still active, some of the former factory type of substantive companies or manufacturers direct sales management department, the summer cotton orders to undertake the earlier than the previous increase. The regular cotton clothing layout department of the large-scale management of the market summer fabric orders began to increase, deal with a small batch of many varieties, some substantive cloth company products to win the quality, orders to undertake large and small quantities and concurrently.

In the near future, there are many styles of printed pure cotton, a wide variety of listed flowers, a local increase in the purchase of counterpart merchants, and a lot of creative flowers. The pure cotton cloth, which is mainly made of summer women's clothes, has become one of the most important varieties of pure cotton cloth in the near future. The YISHION cotton yarn 60S x 60S and 90 x 88 carvings are printed in Bali yarn, half combed yarn and full combed yarn are interactive, and the market advantage of creative flower type fabrics appears. 60S x 60S yarn type printing print Bali yarn, 40S x 40S net type printing poplin, 16S x 12S ordinary type printing screen card, 20S x 16S high density type printing screen card, hanging sample of a wide variety of flower type, creative flower type fabric continuous daily turnover increase.

Pure cotton printed poplin, pure cotton slub gauze card and pure cotton slub are interacted with many varieties, 32S x 32S net yarn, 32S x 32S common type, 40S * 40S high density type and different specification density at the same time, pure cotton combed yarn, semi combed yarn, full combed yarn, Bali yarn, poplin, gauze and other varieties of fabrics are relatively more listed. The new pattern fabric has been purchased in batches in various parts of the country. Among them, there is a local increase in the listing of pure cotton fabric with multi color printing and colourful printing, the spot listing of a number of creative flower fabrics has gradually increased, and the variety of the listed flower type is growing, such as some new type of pure cotton printing fabric with special type and real price. In the city, there is a lot of spot subscriptions for traders.

In recent days, combing pure cotton 60S * 60S, 90 x 88, 80S * 80S, 90 x 88100S * 100S, 90 * 88 dyeing Bali yarn local bulk orders increased. Combed pure cotton 60S * 60S, 90 x 88 full process dyeing Bali yarn sales partially smooth. The bulk distribution of pure cotton elastic distribution, pure cotton 40S * 40S+40D spandex, 133 * 72 dyeing elastic cloth, pure cotton 60S x 60S+40D spandex, 96 * 72 dyeing elastic cloth, pure cotton 60S * 60S+40D spandex, 120 * 76 dyeing elastic cloth, pure cotton 60S x 60S+40D spandex, 120 * 60 dyeing elastic layout part of the increase. Combed pure cotton 40S 40S, 133 x 100, 40S x 40S and 133 x 72 dyed fabrics are sold locally and the price base is stable.

Recent market, dyeing pure cotton layout department increase, pure cotton gauze local order increase, YISHION cotton 20S x 16S, 128 x 60 thickened type of deep blue color fabric, part of the large-scale operation of the market increase.

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