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2018 Symposium on technology upgrading of cotton spinning equipment was successfully held

Date: 2018-06-11
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In June 7, 2018, the 2018 cotton spinning equipment technical upgrading symposium, sponsored by China Textile Machinery Association and China Cotton Textile Industry Association, was successfully held in Tai'an, Shandong. Gao Yong, Secretary General of the Party committee and Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Federation, Wang Shutian, President of China Textile Machinery Association, vice president Ye Jianchun of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, and vice president of China Textile Machinery Association, Gu Ping, and nearly 400 people from China's cotton textile and textile enterprises and other related units participated in the meeting.

China Textile Industry Federation party secretary Gao Yong in his speech on the current situation of the development of the textile industry overall since 2018, industry economic situation, "The Belt and Road industry, Xinjiang industrial policy and other aspects of the analysis.

Since 2018, the industry has continued a steady growth trend in 2017, and the experience of the industry itself is better than the economic data performance. The current good experience of the industry is mainly due to the growth of domestic demand. However, with the fluctuation of international raw material prices and the rise of international trade protectionism, consumer confidence may fall in the second half of the year, and the state of high speed operation will be stable.

On the basis of the current quality development of the industry, as the earliest industry in the market, the development of China's textile industry is often able to perform before the country, and the adjustment of the textile industry is faster than that of other industries. In the past two years, the industry transformation and upgrading continue to deepen, a few big intelligent production lines have achieved good results, in which the cotton textile industry is developing the fastest, reflecting the industry in the upgrading of equipment technology on the state of upgrading.

"The Belt and Road industry, two years ago as a hot topic, the industry" going out "showing two kinds, one kind is the" high price of cotton spinning enterprises "going out, along with the domestic cotton spreads smoothly, such a slowdown in foreign investment; the other is out of business globalization Strategic investment. The industry will continue to go out in the future will continue to be clothing enterprises.

For Xinjiang's industrial policy, said the high secretary should be put on the "The Belt and Road" thinking framework. In recent years, the industrial development of Xinjiang has led to the development of the industry, because the policy of Xinjiang's industrial support policy is clear in the spinning link, but the support policy of the garment is not clear enough, which makes the industrial layout of Xinjiang promote faster in the spinning link, and the other post addition process is relatively slow. At present, Xinjiang's industrial support policy has been adjusted, and the policy of the spinning project is divided into three categories: to enjoy policies in construction projects, to enjoy policies for record projects, and to not enjoy policy support for projects without construction and without record.

Mr. Thomas, director of the China Textile Machinery Association, Wang Shutian, chando intelligent technology Limited by Share Ltd China sales and service director, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, expressing the congratulations on the successful convening of the conference.

At the meeting, a total of 17 experts and scholars from universities and enterprises brought wonderful reports to all of you.

China Cotton Textile Industry Association Ye Jianchun vice president from the cotton textile industry overall development, cotton spinning raw materials, cotton textile products import and export situation, the new annual cotton textile industry development factors, related policy recommendations and other aspects of the situation of China's cotton textile market situation.

Professor Cheng Longdi of Donghua University has made a detailed analysis on the status of textile process and spinning, the technical bottleneck of intelligentization and the breakthrough point of intelligent spinning. Prof. Cheng said that the industry still needs continuous improvement in the aspects of continuous spinning process, intelligentized spinning process, short process technology of intelligent spinning and automatic spinning process optimization system.

Yan Xuxin, director of the choral design of Zhuo Lang intelligent technology Limited by Share Ltd, introduced the innovation of Zhuo Lang Qing carding equipment in terms of high quality and efficiency. It is reported that the development trend of Zhuo Lang blowing carding unit is high yield, high quality, high adaptability, intelligence and networking. Zhuo Langqing combing equipment adopts new technologies such as fluid analysis, non dynamic coagulating, high efficiency removing impurity, high quality combing, information network and so on. It has achieved obvious effect in Shandong Dai Yin, Fujian Longyuan, Zhejiang Cangnan Yifeng and other enterprises, and has obvious benefit advantages compared with the conventional flow process.

Zhuo Lang intelligent technology Limited by Share Ltd Market Manager Zhu Yingping gave a detailed analysis of all aspects of the technical application of Zhuo roving roving machine and spinning frame, and demonstrated the high efficient and stable ring spinning technology solution of Zhuo Lang company.

Li Wei, the deputy general manager of the Limited by Share Ltd Textile Group, Shandong, introduced the detailed development process of Dai Yin textile, the equipment status and characteristics of each spinning process, and showed the design ideas of creating differential products and flexible production lines of Dai Yin textile.

Guo Jiayang, the general manager of Qingdao global group Limited by Share Ltd sales manager, introduced the current situation and future development trend of the intelligent packaging logistics system of cylinder yarn from the present situation, advantages and various links and techniques of the global intelligent packaging line system. Guo Jiayang also discussed some practical problems encountered in the promotion of the intelligent packaging system of tube yarn. He thinks that the intelligence of drum yarn packaging is still in the stage of automation plus information, which can be regarded as the 2 stage of intellectualization. Packaging intelligentization is actually a innovation and change to the packaging process, and it may not be possible to realize automation in the process of the process. The automation and intellectualization of drum packaging equipment and the optimization of packing habit and process are the choices of many excellent enterprises.

Lida (China) Textile Instrument Co., Ltd. can provide four kinds of spinning process complete set of equipment, the company's rotor spinning product manager Yang Yuguang focused on the company's R36 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine and the R66 full automatic rotor spinning machine in the form of video demonstration. R36 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine up to 600 heads, higher production, spinning box optimization design to better yarn quality, optimized AMLspin and AMLspin-pro joint to achieve more accurate operation, the success rate of joint increase. Lida R66 uses the latest spinning box technology to achieve automatic alignment, to ensure that the yarn quality is more uniform and uniform, according to the needs of the variety can be adjusted, more effective spinning cup cleaning method to ensure the quality of constant.

The director of the textile data platform of Zhejiang Hao Ming Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the system structure, platform structure, platform functions and features, development history and future prospects of the Hao Ming textile data cloud platform, which shows the potential of the future intelligent development of the textile industry.

Li Shaozhou, the Minister of research and development of Wuxi Lanxiang glue industry Co., Ltd., introduced the differential spinning cots of Wuxi Lanxiang from the general situation of the enterprises, the requirements of the differential spinning to the cots, the design features and the application of the differential spinning cots, and so on.

Zhejiang Tonghui Knitting Technology Co., Ltd. has made a detailed analysis of the development ideas of knitted products, the requirements for the development of knitted products to the yarn, the impact of knitted yarn performance index on the products and some problems in the use of knitted yarn, sharing the experience and achievements of the knitwear knit product development.

Yin Jie, the director of research and development of the Ministry of technical and intelligent textile industry, introduced the intelligent textile solution and focused on the multi transmission control system of the modular all electric spinning frame. At present, the requirements for spinning frame are mainly high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and reliability. The multi transmission control system of the HHC modular full electric spinning frame consists of spindle frequency conversion, electronic lifting, setting tube and electronic drafting, which can reduce the power consumption of tons of yarn greatly, improve yarn quality and save labor.

Guo Dongliang, a senior engineer of the Zhengzhou Hongda new textile machinery Co., Ltd., introduced the detailed parameters and technical features of the Zhengzhou Hongda new combing unit, the precision control technology of automatic weighing unit, the network intelligent research and development and application (the latitude and longitude e system), which showed the grand new combing unit of Zhengzhou. The overall blueprint.

The technical deputy director Wei Yuqiang of Shandong Tianhong Textile Co., Ltd. explained in detail the working principle, process flow, equipment introduction, operation essentials, maintenance and use effect of automatic weighing device, so that the attendees have a detailed and intuitionistic understanding of the automatic weighing precision mixing system.

Cao Xiucheng, the general manager of Henan two textile machine Limited by Share Ltd, explained the function, classification and function of the spindles in detail, and introduced the changes made by the spindle to realize the spinning automation of the spinning frame, and shared the experience and achievements in the development and design of the spinning spindles for more than forty years in Henan two spinning machines.

Ma Chi, chairman of Henan Hao Chang combing machine Limited by Share Ltd, introduced the detailed parameters of Hao chang chemical fiber comber, analyzed the indexes of the bar dry, neps, short velvet and strength of the chemical fiber combing strip, summarized the market's evolution to the demand of the combing machine, and showed the advantages and prospects of the Hao chang chemical fiber comber.

Le Rongqing, deputy director of the Research Institute of Nantong double Hong Textile Co., Ltd., introduced the development course of Nantong double Hong, the management system of the enterprise, the model of the product development, the upgrading of the equipment, the transformation of energy saving, the original technology and the independent intellectual property, which showed the struggle history of Nantong double Hong and the development strategy of the enterprise.

Zhejiang Spring Textile Group Co., Ltd., combined with the financial data of some enterprises in 2017, analyzes the difficulties faced by the current textile enterprises and the direction of the survival and development of the enterprises, summarizes the trend of international textile fabrics, explains the key elements and matters of attention in the development of yarn products in detail, and shares the spring of Zhejiang. Jiangyang Textile Group's valuable experience in the development of yarn products.

In the morning of June 8th, the meeting group organized all the participants to visit Shandong Dai Yin and Kangping Nana group in Shandong to experience the intelligent spinning production line and the intelligent dyeing production line of the tube yarn at zero distance.

Reprint the special edition of this website, please indicate the source of "China textile net".

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